What would you change about staple HL/6s maps in the pool if you had the chance?

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  • Maps like product, ashville, upward, etc. are beloved in Highlander, and maps like process, gully, etc. in 6s, but people often have bones to pick with these maps. For example, I love Product as a map, but would, given the chance, make sniper sightlines just a LITTLE more restrictive. What would you change about TF2’s favorite maps to make them even better?

  • Bugfixes is the boring and easy answer (though not necessarily easy to fix, for sure!) – stuff like first cap delaying spawns on KOTH mids or geometry that players can get stuck in and necessitate killbinding or the thing where you can double-die on Steel. Restricting sightlines is also a bit of a gimme.

    Still boring IMO but potentially controversial is fixing it so that there are no props in which one can hide stickies/other objects. Hiding stickies behind things makes sense, hiding them fully inside purportedly solid objects is silly.

    Pet peeve answer is to make the nobuild roof on Vigil second visually distinct from the buildable ones, because having it look exactly the same yet be nobuild is also silly.

    Joke answer is to make the windows on Swiftwater octagonal again 😛

  • can we play special delivery, the good version of ctf

  • Upward kinda getting old…

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