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  • Post any feedback for the map here.

  • haha hey guys what if we took established koth map design theory where ‘the point is the highest risk highest reward area on the map’ and flipped it on its head??? so now the point is the highest risk, lowest reward area on the map and you’re rewarded for playing as far away from it as possible?

    haha nah fuck having objective standards one time i flanked behind them and got a 3k (it was epic)

    on the real talk though if you want to play a koth map that encourages flanking and also punishes you for being in the same zip code as the point leading to degenerative gameplay of 2 teams either mexican standoff-ing each other from opposite sides of the map or complete whirlpool theory chaos, synthetic does everything ramjam does and better while also not having dogshit fps and a map maker that would rather make a christmas version with exploding presents instead of fixing the actual issues on the map

  • i quite liked ramjam, i thought it was a refreshing change from the current KOTH maps

  • Sniper is too strong on Ramjam

  • I’ve never seen my fps go lower than 150. I was getting sub 50fps average on mid fights. For this alone this map is not good for competitive IMO.

  • I didn’t have any fps problems personally, but the flow of the map + the unwillingness of the mapmaker to create changes shows that it’s not fit for league play

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