LFT Heavy Intermediate or lower.

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  • I main heavy, bout it, I reset my time played on classes at around 700 hours when I still didn’t really know what I was doing, so if I had to guess what my time spent played on heavy is it’d be around 200-300 hours.

    I subbed for Worse Comp Format in intermediate (2nd place team of the spring 2020 season.) and got placed into a joke team once.

    I could do intermediate however I’m not sure if my skill has stayed sharpened as I took a 9 month hiatus, my skill is starting to come back however so that’s TBD. Keeping it open so I can get a gauge of where I currently am.

    I pubstomp almost any pub match I join, I can confidently use all of the heavies weapons to a good amount of potential. My awareness was the thing that had been lacking ever since my break but playing TF2C began to reinvigorate it so I’m almost back to where I was in my peak. I practice by playing on community servers (Uncletopia, Creators.tf) and directly practice aim on tr_walkway before a match, I’ll start doing PUG matches for practice.

    I can play at pretty much any time, I do have a mic but it’s finicky at best and I’m not amazing at callouts, but I’ll try my best.

    Weapon preference is Tomislav (O) /Natascha (D) (Minigun if enemy team has a well fortified sentry spot or they’re losing hard.)

    I understand my app is extraordinarily late but I thought I’d throw it out there if anyone is desperate for a heavy.

    If you need any more information my direct discord tag is Bucket#6881.

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