just jazz LFT IM/Main medic

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  • just moved to NA from Australia. ~6 seasons ozf experience ranging from the RGL equivalent of amateur to advanced. Hoping to land on a IM or Main team committed to improvement - AM team possible but would need to be championship contenders. Making playoffs is the expectation.

    I’m a team player and try to embody that through my comms, commitment, and competitiveness. I try and be a motivator/captain and use a good attitude to help push the team forward. I don’t tilt but I don’t accept tilt either - I can get frustrated but I bring up points of frustration immediately vs letting it simmer and turn into something worse. I dont miss scrims or demo reviews and if I’m going to I’ll let you know ahead of time.

    Would pref. not to maincall but am happy secondary calling.

    Contact via Discord: jazz#5071

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