24 hour pug-athon

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  • 24 hours of pugs

    what are your thoughts on the idea?

    People are always complaining about there not being enough pugs or how there are never and pugs when they want to play pugs. So how about this.

    24 hours, non-stop pugs, all live-streamed/casted, have it also be a charity event.

    now you might be thinking?

    How are you gonna find enough people to play pugs for 24 hours?

    Simple, this would not be a region specific thing, this event would get players, pug runners, server managers, casters, production teams, and leagues from every region of competitive tf2. While the event would last 24 hours, not every region is playing at once.

    Say the event starts at 12:00pm est, so that would mean the event starts at or around noon on the east coast of the US/Canada

    every 6-8 hours a new region would become the main source of the pugs and casts.

    so it could start in Europe, then transition to NA and SA, then Oceania and Australia, then Asia, then finally back to Europe and North America.

    What would be the skill level of this?

    There would be pugs for players of every skill level, from casual players to invite. There would be pugs for everyone.

    What about formats?

    they would probably 6s for the most part, but perhaps there could be some highlander, and prolander tournaments. Perhaps throw in some rocket jump and surf racing.

    How would you handle the transition from one region to another?

    If it’s on twitch, when one production group is done, have the channel raid the next groups channel and then host it for the rest of the event.

    To ensure pugs don’t last too long, every pug will have a 25 minute time limit. That way casters and producers have the time to collect themselves before the next casted pug begins.

    Players would join a pick-up queue

    When a pug-runner’s lobby is ready, 12 players would be moved into it, they’ll then be sorted into teams where they get 5 minutes to decide on classes before the pug begins.

    Once a player has taken part in a pug, they will be put into a sitting out queue for about 10-20 minutes to ensure that everyone gets a chance to play.

    Maps would be taken from every map pool in recent comp history for the pugs format, so 6s would take from the 6s map pools, hl from the hl pool, and so on.

    again, what’s your take on it.

    I think while this would be hell to organize it could be fun.

  • Is this an event you’re trying to organize or are you trying to find someone to organize it?
    When you’re talking about a charity, 24 hour long, multi-region, and multi-format event completely covered by production teams, I hope you realize that’s a ridiculously ambitious project and it would require long-term planning with a large amount of coordinating staff involved and good advertising to maintain numbers. Not trying to outright reject the thought, but when considering the logistical nightmare it entails, all I can say is good luck.

  • just want to see what people would think of this idea? whether or not people would be interested and their take on it. If I were to start planning and organizing it now, it would probably take months if not a year or longer to organize.

    So for now, I’m just throwing the unsolicited idea out there to see what people think.

    I know the chances of convincing even a single person to produce, let alone a whole team would be improbable

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