Why isn't there a moded league?

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  • Balance is often a serious debate within the community; Is this weapon fair, is it fun to play against. So much so that 22 separate weapons are banned for this reason, and many others are just useless anyway so they aren’t used. This coupled with the 4 whole years since the last major update has let the meta stale. The competitive seen seems resistant to change from the outside (I’m really new to competitive 6’s) and prefers to take things slow when enacting changes. But I get the feeling people want change and fix those broken or underpowered weapons, and since valve isn’t going to do: Then why don’t we?

    Let’s take the talks we’re currently having about balancing weapons and classes and actually test them. Then we could go to valve and say “we’ve tested this, we like it, here’s the files, update the damn game”. That at least is what this little fool thinks.

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