Why isn't there a moded league?

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  • Balance is often a serious debate within the community; Is this weapon fair, is it fun to play against. So much so that 22 separate weapons are banned for this reason, and many others are just useless anyway so they aren’t used. This coupled with the 4 whole years since the last major update has let the meta stale. The competitive seen seems resistant to change from the outside (I’m really new to competitive 6’s) and prefers to take things slow when enacting changes. But I get the feeling people want change and fix those broken or underpowered weapons, and since valve isn’t going to do: Then why don’t we?

    Let’s take the talks we’re currently having about balancing weapons and classes and actually test them. Then we could go to valve and say “we’ve tested this, we like it, here’s the files, update the damn game”. That at least is what this little fool thinks.

  • because nobody has made one yet

  • This has been a pretty big debate in the past. I can only speak for HL, not 6s, but the argument from the side of not doing this (as far as I know) is that we should want the league to grow as much as possible, and the idea is that the league will be more accessible to people if the rules are as close to what they’re familiar with as possible. As in, If someone likes pubs and wants to try competitive, then they get here and it’s significantly different (moreso than it has to be) from the stock rules of the game, it could turn some people away.

    If we have a modded season, we wouldn’t be able to have a normal season during the same time period, because that is too much TF2 for most people to not want to die, so it could essentially turn away people who would’ve joined the community otherwise.

    I think there’s a strong argument for both sides. Modding weapons would make for actual fun balance changes between seasons and could keep things fresh, but with TF2 not being a major esport, I think it’s more important to grow numbers, which RGL has been doing pretty consistently every season afaik (Not sure how much COVID helped with more people being around).

    If someone did make a mod, I imagine there might be some epic pugs tho.

  • i made a very rough balance mod on the old forums that didn’t go anywhere other than people wanting their class’ weapons to be buffed and other class’ weapons to be nerfed

    on a technical level, implementing most balance changes is fairly simple but splitting our already small, niche subcommunity into two different versions of the game would stifle growth like nothing else. it’s not a viable option if you want to maintain the state of the game.

    @Markers said in Why isn't there a moded league?:

    If someone did make a mod, I imagine there might be some epic pugs tho.

    would be cool, but every class with modded weapons would be fought over and people would whine about poor balancing the whole time

  • joe’s old weapon mod is better than random buffs and shit. brings back items to what they used to be before getting nerfed.

  • @Markers Thank you for your input, and so sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, I’m still (a month later) trying to learn the rgl forums. This really illuminated the issues a league like this would face. In my mind palace I envisioned some thing similar to the map pool test that rgl recently did. Where you either take your team to a few match’s to see what the heckity is going on with the weapons balancing or you join a mod team that solely exists to mess around with the balanced weapons. But the most important thing I envisioned was the discussions around the weapons and how the game should be played so everyone’s having fun.

  • @dlphn Thanks for the feed back, yeah I could see it splitting things if done improperly, and I definitely see people being unreasonable about the re-balances.

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