shunned LFT sniper adv+

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  • Coming off a 2 year ban I’m ready to showcase my talent once again in RGL. I haven’t been AFK in my time gone, I have peaked top 82 on Overwatch and have been immortal since beta on Valorant as well as been silently practicing TF2 in my time away. I am reformed and way more fit for a team environment and prepared to commit to a team schedule. Unfortunately I do not have any recent logs since my ban, but I will be participating in RGL pugs starting today so make sure to keep up to date on those here. If needed I can provide screenies or vouches for both my Overwatch and Valorant merits. I’m looking for a team that wants to win and is dedicated to working together to succeed as a unit.

    for further discussion my discord: shunned#7628

  • I still have his old pfp downloaded on my pc

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