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  • yo

    I took a break from tf2 last season but subbing pyro on Vindicators pulled me back in. Looking for a team that wants to improve and overcome its personal weaknesses, winning being a nice bonus.

    I can tilt sometimes like any normal person, but I would never rage on mic or mute myself and stop comming because that’s whack as hell. That is also something I strongly desire out of the people I play with. I’m quite comfortable playing in main. Playing in advanced sounds like a fun challenge that I’d be down to face head on.

    hmu on discord (piggies#7051) or add me on steam

  • paggies is a great pyro, friend, cannot reccomend him enough, pick him up!

  • pick this pig up yo, he’s a goated pyro (every time we needed him to play he was available!!)

  • puggies is one of the nicest people i know by far, and a solid pyro too, give em a chance

  • Really good pyro!! was there when we needed him most.

  • i have known piggies for a long time (since s13 ugc), and i can assure you he’s a very solid pyro with a great attitude! super reliable and fun to be around. give this mans a tryout !!!

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