Dreamhack Community Clash NA!

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  • There was a tftv made about this, but not enough people have signed up still. It literally starts on the 1st of May for invite! Stop playing a terrible game mode like highlander and play a REAL format for a chance to win the prize pool!

    The tftv thread goes as follows:

    This is the event thread for the upcoming North American Community Clash sponsored by DreamHack and organised by EssentialsTF. Details about the event will be posted here when available. Questions about the event should be placed here as well and should be answered promptly. I would encourage any teams interested to check out the tournament pages as that contains all the relevant details about the event, but also keep an eye on our twitter page for updates: https://twitter.com/TF2Essentials

    All matches are played using the RGL Scrim Config and Whitelists.
    EssentialsTF Discord: https://essentials.tf/discord

    Invite Qualifiers:

    Signups end 28th April at 00:00 EST
    1st-2nd May
    ALL teams that wish to play in the invite bracket in the main tournament must signup for the qualifiers. No teams qualify automatically
    16 Team Cap
    Double Elimination bracket with 8 Teams Qualifying
    Day 1 - Upper Bracket Round 1 & Lower Bracket Round 1
    Day 2 - Upper Bracket Round 2 & Lower Bracket Round 2
    Main Tournament:

    Signups end 5th May at 00:00 EST
    8-9th May
    Day 1 - Open Swiss (6 Bo1 Rounds) & Invite Round Robin (2 Groups w/ 3 Bo1) followed by Playoffs Ro16
    Day 2 - Playoffs (Single Elimination)
    $2,400 Prize Pool, splits TBC
    72 Team Cap (subject to change)
    Newcomer Clash:

    Signups end 5th May at 00:00 EST
    8-9th May
    No player on the team must have played in the playoffs of the Newcomer division in RGL or any equivalent league and/or have exceeded 15 official matches.
    Day 1 - Open Swiss (5 Bo1 Rounds)
    Day 2 - 4 Team Single Elimination Bracket
    Prize Pool confirmed, but details TBC
    16 Team Cap
    There is a soft region lock, no teams can have more than 3 players from a region that isn’t North America. South American teams will be subject to admin discretion. We are open to suggestions about the format and times of matches. Please don’t hesitate to let us know on Discord or within this thread.

    Match Times (EST)

    Invite Qualifiers:
    1st May
    Upper Bracket Round 1 - 16:00
    Lower Bracket Round 1 - 18:30

    2nd May
    Upper Bracket Round 2 - 16:00
    Lower Bracket Round 2 - 18:30

    Main Tournament:
    8th May
    Invite Round Robin:
    Group 1 Round 1 - 14:00
    Group 2 Round 1 - 15:00
    Group 1 Round 2 - 16:00
    Group 2 Round 2 - 17:30
    Group 1 Round 3 - 18:45
    Group 2 Round 3 - 19:30

    Open Swiss:
    Round 1 - 13:00
    Round 2 - 14:15
    Round 3 - 15:30
    Break - 16:30 -> 17:00
    Round 4 - 17:00
    Round 5 - 18:15
    Round 6 - 19:30

    Playoffs (Single Elimination):
    Round of 16 - 21:00

    9th May - Playoffs (Single Elimination):
    Quarter Finals - 13:30
    Semi Finals - 16:00
    3rd Place Match - 18:30
    Grand Finals - 21:00

    Newcomer Clash
    8th May - Open Swiss:
    Round 1 (Gullywash) - 13:00
    Round 2 (Metalworks) - 14:30
    Round 3 (Snakewater) - 16:00
    Round 4 (Sunshine) - 17:30
    Round 5 (Process) - 19:00

    9th May - Playoffs (Single Elimination):
    Semi Finals - 16:00
    Grand Final - 18:30

    (Credit goes to DrHappiness https://www.teamfortress.tv/user/DrHappiness)

    Link to the forum post is here: https://www.teamfortress.tv/59175/dreamhack-community-clash-na-1st-2nd-8-9th-may

    Here’s the website for signups: https://lan.tf/

    I’m not a part of the staff, but I felt like this could help.

  • Apparently, some people are also confused about how to find a team for this event. I’m sure RGL would be cool with you posting an lfp or lft in the discord or the forums. For those not playing in the invite division, there’s a main and newcomer division. Main is paid newcomer is not, but there’s still a prize pool. Don’t let this event die!

  • this place has a free prize pool comeonnnn

  • @Rene There’s an LFT/LFP channel in essentials.tf/discord

  • @ire there you go, people join the discord!

  • We have accepted our first wave of participants for the open tournament. If you have registered, you should have received an email confirming whether you have been accepted to play. There are 5 days left to sign up to the tournament so I encourage you to get signed up sooner rather than later as there is a limited amount of teams we can allow.

    We have both an open and newcomer tournament which you can sign up to, if you have ever wanted to test out your skills in competitive but didn’t want to play against seasoned veterans theres a place for you (and there are prizes for the winners of the newcomer clash). But if you want a shot at our $2,400 prize pool consider signing up for the open tournament.

    Hope to see you there!

  • Signups for both the Newcomer and Main tournaments have been extended to Thursday 6th May at 18:00 EDT. Make sure that you are registered before then otherwise you will not make it into the tournament. We have enough signups to run the main tournament but we would love to see more teams, especially for the Newcomer tournament. If you know anyone who is new to competitive TF2 I would encourage you to get them to sign up for that.

  • Signups for the NA Community Clash have ended. If you have signed up these are your next steps:

    1. Ensure that your team captain is on the Discord;

    2. Contact an admin letting them know who is your captain for your team, with their Discord Tag (Username#0000);
      a) If you want a member of your team to act as a deputy captain, please let an admin know;

    3. Check-in for the event starts on the 7th at 17:00. All teams must be checked in before the deadline on the 8th 1 hour before the tournament starts;

    4. Keep an eye on the Discord for all updates to the event;

    5. Ensure that you have read the rules on the Tournament Page.

  • Thank you everyone for playing and congrats to our winners!

    If you have ways you’d like to see us change and improve feel free to reach out, or message in #feedback in the Discord.

    For those receiving medals/prizes we’re working on wrapping up the tournament and will work on distribution as we can. Details in the rules:

    9.1 Any prize monies due to eligible teams will be distributed by DreamHack directly to each player within 60 days of tournament end.

    9.2 EssentialsTF will transfer the alias’ and email addresses of eligible players to DreamHack in a secure manner. The eligible players will receive an email invite to withdraw their prize monies via a variety of methods including but not limited to PayPal.

    9.3 Any prize monies will be distributed in United States Dollars (USD).

    9.4 Each eligible player will receive 1/6 (one-sixth) of their team’s prize monies via the medium defined in

    9.5 Recipients of any prize monies are responsible for any transaction fees or loss due to currency conversion as well as any taxes they may have to pay in their territories.

    9.6 Distribution of in-game medals will be performed within 60 days from when medals are added in TF2 by Valve, or the tournament ending; whichever is later.

    9.7 All players must have a valid ETF2L profile URL, RGL.gg profile URL, or steamID64 on their Toornament team profile. Failure to provide this may result in the forfeiture of an in-game medal.

    9.8 Forfeiting during the playoffs also forfeits any prize monies you would be eligible for.

    9.9 Any prizes may be subject to change at any time by the sole discretion of EssentialsTF or DreamHack.

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