cats lft sniper

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  • Hey pro gamers,

    A lot of sniper mains probably know me, as a I have been playing sniper since 2012 and always had a big presence on sniper communities (I own & played countless hours of snipezilla)(some call me the biggest svs main that has ever existed)(yes I can hit other classes, stop asking).

    I have tons of hours on sniper but have never played comp (at least in any serious manner). I won’t lie, my aim has regressed a lot since the old days, but I can still hit shots once in a while.

    If anyone is dumb enough to get me on their team, I’ll try my best. But like, don’t except me to play higher than the lowest div.

    The biggest SvS main that has ever existed.

  • if you want a player who will go 25-20 with 18 sniper picks, here is your guy

    for real tho give this man a shot, he will be fine, especially in newcomer

  • Cats lft? YES. Pick this man up and and the enemy sniper will be shut down permanently and left with PTSD for years.

    All jokes aside, I believe Cats would make a great Highlander sniper, especially with his countless hours on the class. He’d adapt to the comp environment well. Definitely try him out!

  • certified cheek clapper

    have not seen this name in ages but i can tell you that cats can eat up newcomer

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