TF2 Pug Runner Discord Bot

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  • Hello,

    I’ve recently created a Discord bot that can make your pug running experience 10x easier!

    Features list:

    • Can auto roll captains and then let the captains move people into the pug channels themselves
    • Can just autoroll the appropriate amount of people and randomize the teams, then move them into the appropriate channels.
    • Can automatically move everyone out of their pug channels once the pug is over.
    • Will automatically send connect and team info to all members of the pug once the pug starts (or manually with $sendinfo).
    • Can send RCON commands to the appropriate TF2 server from Discord!
    • And more to come!

    This bot works with any game type that has an even amount of players (which should be every type, I don’t see why you’d play pugs with uneven players).

    If you would like to invite this bot to your servers, use the following link:
    You can use $help to get started.

    DM Kastaling#7893 on Discord with any questions, comments, or concerns! Or just feel free to comment here lol.

  • beautiful

  • Hey it’s been a month since I’ve posted here but I have no better way to announce major feature additions than this, so whatever.

    I just added a skill based picking system to the $startpug command, so its not completely random, but instead random with skill taken into account.

    Use $help along with $setrole and $settings in order to set it up.

    also on a smaller note, I added autofatkidding functionality, you can see it all in $help.

    Happy pugging!

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