IGNITE is LFP (Amateur)

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  • After a season long break, IGNITE is now looking for players for RGL’s Season 6 Sixes (Amateur Division)

    Our team’s #1 goal is to build a strong sense of chemistry and team work with each other. We play to win, but the most important thing to us is to have fun and grow as players together. Our default schedule is quite light for players who are playing other competitive formats, and can be adjusted according to players’ needs.

    We are NA only, preferably US East.

    We are looking for the following positions to be filled in:


    • Demo
    • Pocket Soldier (Have tryouts)
    • Medic


    • Pocket Scout
    • Flank Scout
    • Demo
    • Roamer
    • Medic

    Default schedule (tryout scrims usually on scrim/match days):

    • Thursday: Demo review 8:30, Map review right after (9:00~)
    • Friday: Scrim 8:30/9:30
    • Tuesday: Demo review 8:30, Scrim 9:30
    • Wednesday: Pregame 8:30, Official 9:30

    If any of this seems interesting, boring, or all of the above to you, please leave a reply or contact me via Discord @ ktaeoh#0205.

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