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  • Hello, I would greatly like the chance to take a break from playing Scout and Heavy after too many unfun seasons in a row. As a break, I would like to play Medic and get a chance to improve on that class. I do not think I am exceptional at the class but I would seriously like to improve on it over the course of the season with whatever team is willing to give me a chance.

    If you would be interested in trying me out, please add me on Steam: or on Discord: Bonesaw#6056

    I do not have incredibly high standards for playing Medic, I do not want much more than a team that does not make me want to uninstall TF2 after every weekend of scrims. Please.

    I would strongly prefer to not play Scout/Heavy if I can avoid it but if you must then you can ask me to tryout those classes as well.

  • one of the most fun people to play with in my opinion, puts all of his effort into everything he does and is going to be a solid pickup for any team.

  • one of my favorite players to play with! heavy and medic are both super solid and they are easy going 🙂

  • bonesaw a solid pick up, chill gamer that wants to improve and have fun with the boyz. I see great potential in his gameplay after only watching a few demos. clean pick up for any team looking for a solid player that is motivated to win and improve.

    sandblast: BLAKE UBER LOL!

  • beast!!!
    I’ve had fantastic and insightful conversations about medic and the mentality of the medic player with Mr. Bonesaw, all of which resulting in both his improvement and my improvement. Bonesaw can and will learn a lot with a season of medic and I’m very excited to see where the season goes for him.

  • bonesaw is an awesome medic, super fun to have around, and has fantastic mental

  • Beast Mode Player

  • very enjoyable to be around and a good player in general, my lil homie bonesaw clean with it

  • positive post for your rec post 🙂

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