american mentoring pyros :)

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  • EDIT: i’m finding myself with a lot less time on my hands and the season is also starting so i’m going to be much less available for demo reviews than i was the past couple of months. feel free to ask anyways but no promises that i’ll be available!

    hello everyone i took a 3 year break from tf2 but i’ve started playing again and i feel like i’ve gotten back into the swing of things pretty quickly. i didn’t really mentor back when i was playing in plat but i don’t see many pyro mentors around so i think it would be fun to spread the knowledge i’ve gained over the years. i’d love to look over the demos of pyros in any div, and i’m available at random times of the day. my schedule is pretty flexible, so just let me know what works for you, i don’t like to seek people out for demos or anything like that, but feel free to send me a message on discord: danny#0322

    note: as long as this post doesn’t say otherwise, i will always be down to review demos!

    here’s my comp experience:

    s14 steel gwmi 4-4
    s15 steel gwmi 10-2 1st place 🙂
    s16 silver appel 10-2 3rd place 🙂
    s17 gold appel 7-1
    s18 gold appel 10-4 1st place 🙂
    s19 plat appel 3-0
    s19 plat mcm 6-6 4th place 🙂
    s20 plat bv 5-5 3rd place 🙂
    s21 plat bv 8-5 3rd place 🙂
    s22 plat appel 3-1

  • i’ll say it again

    chad pyro will teach you to chad

  • best pyro in advanced this season, def still has some good wisdom to offer

  • bump, i have a lot of mentees but seasons almost over and i’m getting less busy so i would love to do more demo reviews with pyros of any level 🙂

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