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  • Does anyone have any useful medic scripts that they use pretty often? Been looking for one for a while now to be honest. Newcomer med here btw

  • @akumi Kinda depends on what you want/need.

    I use an auto-healing script, which basically flips what mouse 1 does. instead of mouse1 healing, and letting go not healing. pressing mouse1 stops healing and releasing it heals. I like it as it makes it easy to swap healing targets.

  • This is completely optional, but I have a quick bhop script that I use for med rollouts. (Also helps with surfing rockets, but that’s only because I leave it on all game.)

  • This is a cleaned up and commented version of my medic script. The big things here are

    1. Press R to say a random voice line to mask uber. Press middle click to fake uber.
    2. Press and hold mouse2 on any weapon and you’ll switch to your medigun and use
    3. Hold down mouse4/mouse5 to pull out your crossbow/melee. As far as I know I’m the only med that has this, but it’s super convenient once you get used to it and keeps your keyboard hand free for movement etc.
    4. Press F5 and F6 to switch to your loadouts A and B

    I also cleaned up a reduced version of my base.cfg which has my null movement script, bhop binds, etc. I exec this in all of my class configs to reset my binds to default, since otherwise my med binds would carry over to other classes, etc.

    I didn’t explain some parts of this in a lot of detail, but am definitely happy to go into more detail if you’ve got questions about it.


  • @DubThink Hey! I used your script for my scrim tonight and i like it! I was wondering how the radar is supposed to work though, I kept pressing the key but nothing happened.

  • @akumi try holding down the button for a bit longer instead of just tapping it

  • I got a lot of medic configs so just dm me if you need some good ones

  • @Mothership Would you mind posting the script? This is fairly helpful

  • @Slump said in Med Scripts:

    @Mothership Would you mind posting the script? This is fairly helpful

    you need to use a weapon switch script with this. Do you have one already? if not I need to make a condensed version to work with it.

  • @Mothership I do not and would appreciate that immensely 🙂

  • my medic.cfg

    exec binds.cfg //do not remove this line
    alias "uber_call" "say_team Used Uber""						//feel free to change the chat messages
    alias "mask_uber" "say_team "I have Uber";	voicemenu 2 5" 	//jeers is the quietest voice command on average
    alias "medicloadout1" "load_itempreset 0; stockmedigun"	//medic needs specific loadout switch binds
    alias "medicloadout2" "load_itempreset 1; kritzkrieg"	//to accommodate for the team chat barks
    alias "medicloadout3" "load_itempreset 2; quickfix"		//if you do not want these it is fairly simply to remove
    alias "medicloadout4" "load_itempreset 3; vaccinator"	//just delete what you don't want
    alias "stockmedigun"	"say_team "I'm on Stock Uber";		alias "uber_call" "say_team Used Uber""		 	//again, change these to whatever
    alias "kritzkrieg" 		"say_team "I'm on Kritz"; 			alias "uber_call" "say_team Used Kritz""		//personally im partial to "poopercharge lol"
    alias "quickfix" 		"say_team "I'm on Quick Fix"; 		alias "uber_call" "say_team Used Quick Fix""	//but im sure you can think of something funnier
    alias "vaccinator" 		"say_team "I'm on Vaccinator"; 	alias "uber_call" "say_team Used Vaccinator""	
    alias "autocall_default" "hud_medicautocallersthreshold "80""	//80 is a good threshold but you can change it as you please
    alias "autocall_all" "hud_medicautocallersthreshold "500""		//a ludicrously high number ensures you'll always see teammates
    alias "+radar" "autocall_all"
    alias "-radar" "autocall_default"
    bind "MOUSE2" "+attack2;uber_call;voicemenu 2 5"	//pops uber, does the team chat barks, does jeers
    bind "MOUSE4" "+radar"								//I would keep this as it is a huge advantage
    bind "alt" "+loadoutswitchmode_medic"
    bind "q" "mask_uber"								//use this when you're about to have uber to make the medic shush
    echo "Medic config loaded."

    for context the “loadoutswitchmode” thing is a script I wrote to make it so that ALT + 1-4 switches loadouts A-D

    this is meant to specifically work alongside the rest of my cfg but you can steal what you want from it

  • hey i think you should be focusing more on your survival/tf2 awareness first and worry about your uber mask and uber binds later. these binds are useful but don’t worry about masking your uber too much. try to focus on the mechanics as much as possible ie. surfing, not taking free spam, heal order. sniper sightlines. general spy awareness

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