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  • LFP chal demo or pyro, applezoo is going to play the other one. Looking for a chal/invite ready player who is non toxic and has tons of experience!

    Message me, yk, or mr. gnu for a tryout!

    Current roster

    Scout: Manlikebubble
    soldier: killz
    pyro: lfp
    demo: lfp
    heavy: BBL
    Engie: Chocky
    Medic: Mr. GNU
    Sniper: YK
    Spy: Spiderjew.

    We also would love some multiclass subs.

    This team is a bunch of friends who know that we play well together, we are confident we will do well in challanger or crush advanced together.

    -Spiderjew ❤

  • This team is well put together and amazing to play against they work well as a team, and know how to frag while having a great time! If you are looking to learn while playing with an amazing group or great players this is a team for you!


  • This post is deleted!
  • spiderjew is a really nice guy, and a good spy. This team isn’t challenger level but if you’re looking to have fun on a friend team and get a shinny badge at the end of it all, then look no further.

  • They’re cool dudes. I’ve played with them in the past and they’re well organized and fun to play with, not much more you could ask for. 🍑

  • @Mikhail we will win chal 😛

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