beanie LFT Heavy S9

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  • Hey there-

    Posting this as I’d like to play next upcoming season for a team that’ll welcome me, as the heavy weapons guy.

    My tenure of teams in RGL include playing with Shroom Gang in Invite S3, Frat House Advanced S6, Net Graph Invite S7, Division Dysphoria at the start of Invite S8, but now currently backing up for RGL Profits in Challenger- along with a long boomer Gold/Plat tenure in UGC (which I’m sure doesn’t amount to anything anyway- but figured I’d throw it in there)

    Looking to start next season and be as committed as possible- and contribute every way I can. Ideally in Challenger or Invite.

    You can add me on steam, or discord LifehouseYouandMe#4921

    Thank you, and happy Easter weekend!

  • One of my all time best teammates. Beanie is a great heavy and an even better friend!!! Pick this guy up please!

  • whenever i demo i demand beanie is by my side. this man is an incredible teammate and friend and is meant to be in invite! pick him up!

  • One of my fav teammates ever. Goated ingame and out!

  • Offseason Bump!

  • beast!!!

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