dlphn lft engineer

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  • tried to make a team but other commitments got in the way

    i placed in old advanced s6

    have been practicing more than ever lately. would like to play for a playoffs ch team or an invite quals team if possible, but mostly just looking for a good environment to sweat and improve in

    would also offclass scout/soldier/heavy in adv or something if your team is fun

    feel free to add me or msg me at dlphn#0001

    thanks 🙂

  • I’m sure if you pick him up he would gladly admin abuse in Senate pugs for you

  • dolphin is probably the best engineer i’ve ever played with, and i’ve played with some good ones

    excellent dm, great mind for the game, a dedicated teammate, will always try to coordinate with the team, protects his sniper well, and a very cool dude

    pick him up.

  • fun to play with, knowledgeable, and has good mechanics. what more can an engie offer…

  • this guy is fat and nice to be around. he seems to be dedicated to the grind and has improved like crazy the last few seasons

  • Clean engie and very cool dooder, definitely deserves at least a solid mid challenger team and is definitely someone who I can see making invite in a couple seasons. Doesn’t bait, plays with flank well, and can roll in 1v1s. Pick him up!

  • goated engi player, always looking to improve, large brain individual

    pick this man up ASAP

  • This post is deleted!
  • thank you all for the kind words 🙂

    also bump, i’m still free for next monday…

  • i have played w him for 3 seasons from s6 to s8
    a dedicated teammate who is very invested in both tf2 and engineer + wants to improve
    watch out for him dropping ur med -__-

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