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  • i have bfl satan with “fatherhood suits you” i think that is one of my favorite quotes
    @snoozyjune her setup is WACK
    dog has amazing cute dog pictures
    @DolphiN @WolfTeeth have adorable cats and honestly their cats carry this community.
    @wax has funny steam names. mr bitches is very relatable.
    @Wall @Melon @rchl are the nicest people in this community from what i can tell.
    i think @Papaya has potential if he stops being SO STUPID.
    i like @WolfTeeth 's art a lot.
    @oblivion has always been nice to me when drunk.
    @DolphiN is very confusing but in a funny way

  • @Lou i cant forget @kasper he has very cute pictures aswell

  • best coms? @Saturation
    funniest names on steam? @wax
    kindest in general? @raisins
    best music taste? @Wubs
    most impressive moment? @blake won them this match. goated med

  • kindest team mate: alto
    kindest in general: melon lord
    funniest comms: madringme
    helped you the most: Dragivex, Flankyyy, katryna
    best teammate: catalyst
    most reliable: DZCreeper
    who is just cool: homeless
    most likeable: fallen gourd
    worst setup: jak
    funniest names on steam: cyclowns
    best quotes you have: “I’ve got more hair on my dick than on my face. Do you know how fucked that is.” - flankyyy
    “Even if she says yes I’ve got the fucking Osama Bin Ladin’s beard goin on down there” - flankyyy
    “if I got everything I asked for then sigafoo would be a goat herder in mongolia by now.” -DZCreeper
    “yea im getting some serious anime villain vibes from you, micahlele” - perenne
    too many more quotes to put
    most impressive moment: dog catalyst and DZ 3v9ing Apolodosh on vigil last

  • funniest coms- miperton
    funniest- Scott
    helped you the most- evil
    who do you think is gonna make it to the top- maeko
    best team mate- Scott
    worst music taste- maeko
    who is just cool- Rimbus Reynolds
    most likeable- Scott
    fanciest setup- Rimbus Reynolds
    worst setup- June
    the one person that games in bed- June
    the back bone- Kaponei
    funniest names on steam- Scott
    most confusing- Miperton
    best quotes you have- “So much damage everyone 1hp” -Scott
    most impressive moment- Mr. popo going positive

  • the back bone? johhnyfromcali
    funniest names on steam? johhnyfromcali
    most confusing? johhnyfromcali

    back to back to back, no one else has this consistency

  • @yogrrt thats facts

  • @Lou said in awards:

    kindest team mate?
    kindest in general?
    best team leader?
    team mom?
    sends cutest pictures?
    the artist?
    best pets?
    best stories?
    best coms?
    funniest coms?
    helped you the most?
    who do you think is going to make it to the top?
    best team mate?
    best music taste?
    most reliable?
    who is just cool?
    most likeable?
    fanciest setup?
    worst setup?
    the one person that games in bed?
    the kind drunk?
    the back bone?
    funniest names on steam?
    most confusing?
    best quotes you have?
    funniest dropped uber?
    funniest death?
    most impressive moment?

    kindest team mate? teddy
    kindest in general? Lou
    best team leader? Dimento
    team mom? zuchima / zuchimp
    sends cutest pictures? Lou
    the artist? me soundcloud rapper
    best coms? bowl (mayo)
    funniest coms? odb / vipa
    funniest? odb
    helped you the most? dimento
    mvp? me duh
    who do you think is going to make it to the top? ckrow, leif, kasper
    best team mate? kresnik
    best music taste? sullyy
    who is just cool? jarrett
    most likeable? melon
    fanciest setup? zuchima owns every keyboard known to man
    worst setup? me when i was on a laptop
    the back bone? dimento
    funniest names on steam? jarrett: my crow wave odb: ›› LOW_IQ_WELFARE_RECIPIENT

  • @yogrrt im fucking dying

  • @Lou said in awards:

    funniest dropped uber?

  • kindest team mate? Odb
    kindest in general? Banny
    best team leader? Giraffe
    team mom? Bowl of Mayo
    sends cutest pictures? Karl
    the artist? Vryktion
    best pets? Oblivion
    best stories? Pablo
    best coms? Dave
    funniest coms? Chubbz
    funniest? Dimento
    helped you the most? Arzt Hispanian
    mvp? Lenny
    who do you think is going to make it to the top? Carcin
    best team mate? Hunter
    best music taste? Niko Jimms
    most reliable? Habib
    who is just cool? Slemnish
    most likeable? Jerry
    fanciest setup? Syath
    worst setup? Alto
    the one person that games in bed? Zuchima
    the kind drunk? Sully
    the back bone? Vipa
    funniest names on steam? Jarrett
    most confusing? Lary
    best quotes you have? Moose in a Suit
    funniest dropped uber? Sandblast
    funniest death? Barycenter
    most impressive moment? Andrew

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