LFP YEYE Challenger Team (Season 9)

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  • Some of our players are retiring to our sub list and we would love to welcome new players onto our team.

    S6 Team Yeye IM Champion 1st
    S7 Team Yeye Main (7-3)
    S8 Team Yeye Challenger 4th

    For S8, we skipped advance and went into challenger and we made it to 4th. Last season was a huge learning curve for the entire team and we aim to get even better for S9. For the upcoming season, we are looking for sniper, demo, pyro, and engie.

    We are a friends team and all our players have only played for three seasons. We are a really dedicated team in terms of improving, so feel free to tryout 🙂

  • I’m interested to give sniper a try for you guys if you would like to have me. I am constantly trying to improve, so even just a tryout scrim in challenger would be good for my experience.

    Rgl exp: https://rgl.gg/Public/PlayerProfile.aspx?p=76561198166666746&r=24

    Discord: lee★#0004

  • Team yeye is the hardest working team in rgl highlander. They are continuously reviewing and improving their own play every week and after every scrim. One of the teams that I can guarantee will make playoffs in Challenger. Throughout the entire season I played with them, they never stopped impressing me–and the team atmosphere was great!
    If you’re looking for a fun team that performs well during the season and plays seriously, try team yeye

  • @sakura I wanna tryout engineer

  • @sakura I’d like to try out on engie. Was fun playing against you guys throughout the season, and I think my aggressive playstyle compliments yalls quite well.

  • Just wanted to leave a message here. I rang a few times for yeye and I was really impressed with how they functioned as a team despite their lack of experience. It’s clear to me that their core has picked up fundamentals quickly and they’ve learned them well. Their track record of going from open to high challenger in about a year’s time is very impressive, and I’m sure whoever wants a learning experience playing as not just a player, but a teammate, should consider playing for yeye.

  • I am interested in trying out sniper for your team. I’m dedicated and ready to learn.


  • @sakura could I tryout on sniper?

  • Always was fun scrimming their team the past 2 seasons. They’re dedicated and scrim often. I know for sure they demo review, so you need to be motivated to improve and ready to play against a strong scrim schedule on this team.

    GL Yeye 😊

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