lft adv/high main scout

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  • hi

    im lft adv or maybe high main (if main pls be guaranteed playoffs) scout

    im currently on a mid/high main 6s team and i just got done with a season of 3rd place IM hl (joined bc of a friend) but i was only on the team for about 2 weeks (joined around steel week iirc as a sub) so it was basically just warming back up

    false#0001 on discord
    /id/falsetf on steam

  • his dm is insane!!! False is really good you should try him out! Very good at following up on damage and can also fight flank and win!

  • false has great dm and is very adaptable plus very open to criticism and is very reliable we had some issues on my team right before playoffs and he was there to fill in. extremely reliable player! pick him up

  • I’ve played some scrims with him. Pretty good player, goated scout. 100% adv/high main ready. Can adapt pretty well to different strats. Worth a shot in any adv team for sure 🙂

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