trading card games (TCG)

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  • yes, you saw it right. im making a thread about trading card games. specifically MTG, pokemon, and my own card game coming whenever thegamecrafter will let me sell it. (i have to buy the product before i sell the stuff and i probably need to wait 10 days after it gets to my house so itll probably wont come until mid november or something)
    anyways i made a secondary youtube channel about unboxing those tcgs, but thisll be the only time i mention them in this website. in other news i unboxed nothing good from a core 2021 prerelease pack except for a $8 green instant card. my first two questions to all that actually wanna talk about the subject of magic the gathering at the very least is: what do you guys think about booster draft, and what do you think about mini-masters?

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