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  • Wanted to open a discussion on a potential change of making KOTH Playoff rounds first to 4 with half time at 2 like regular season, instead of a 1 half first to 3.

    I’m honestly not sure what others feel about this but I think not giving a team to talk at half time during the actual important matches makes no sense.

    I think we should try and see this in a post season survey at least…

  • I agree. I’ve never fully understood why stopwatch is bo3 (potential for 2 half times) but koth goes to 3 rounds (no potential for half time)

  • one half of koth made sense when ugc stopwatch was also bo1 but there’s no legitimate argument you can make against this other than change = bad


  • @rj The reason for stopwatch being BO3 is that it was originally BO1, but people disliked that you could be fucked over by whether you started out attacking or defending. [/end reply]

    Spitballing, but since it was originally BO1 due to time concerns and presumably KOTH is BO5 instead of BO7 for the same reason, I wonder if this couldn’t be remedied by keeping it BO5 but still implementing halftime at 2?

  • @Dimento

    This was polled in the S7 survey. Out of the extremely low quantity of invite players that voted (around 20), it was split 9-9 with 1 person who had no opinion. (47%-47%-5% split)

    For all divisions, it was 54% in favor of First to 3. 39% in favor of First to 4. 7% with no opinion.

    We also polled what config to use for koth being First to 3 in playoffs. In invite, 8 invite players voted for a BO3 config (first to 2, allowing a halftime). 7 voted for BO5 config (what we currently run). 4 had no opinion. (42%-37%-21% split)

    For all divisions, 29% voted for BO3 config. 61% voted for BO5 config. 10% had no opinion.

  • @Micahlele

    Thanks for the stats, I’d guess if it was in the previous survey it’d be in the next. Honestly I know I voted in the survey but I didn’t recall that question, or what I answered.

  • I think first to 4 and half-time makes a lot more sense.

  • I probably voted without knowing any of the verbage going on, can yall dumb it down a bit for me when regarding the surveys

  • I’d agree with a first to 4 with a half time. Especially given in PL/AD there’s a set up time so even without time between PL/AD rounds you have at least some time to discuss stuff. If a team is doing a weird strat on koth you have no time to discuss a way to deal with it.

  • @Xenagos

    This is slightly off-topic on my part, but if it is possible to increase the setup time in between KotH rounds, that could help to add discussion times.

    e.g. 15-seconds before everyone can start rolling out in spawn

    EDIT: It is possible to edit the time after round win until round restarts with mp_bonusroundtime. Hypothetically, this can be adjusted to say 10 or 15 seconds to allow for discussion after the round ends.

  • @exa

    I feel like you’d need more time than 15 seconds, and at that point it starts getting kind of boring waiting if you don’t need it. Adding 1 more round to win doesn’t increase the length of the map by that much (I mean theoretically it could be an extra 2 rounds in a reverse sweep). Even if you’re hitting double OT on 7 rounds, PL?AD maps can go way longer over 3 halves Adding in 1 more round and then a half seems to make more sense.

    Also imo Playoffs should be as similar to the regular season as possible. It doesn’t make sense that you qualify off a different ruleset than you place (which is also why we should swap to W/L over a points system but that’s a topic for another day).

  • Please make koth first to 4

  • @exa I believe this is etf2l’s solution to not having a half time in 5cp. End of round is just extended and allows teams to discuss what happened before having to rollout.

    I feel like this is a good middle ground that should be implemented to all gamemodes and not just koth in playoffs. Sure, you get setup time in stopwatch, but the extra time might be beneficial.

  • I’m honestly fine with keeping stopwatch as it is. But I wouldn’t mind having that time in regular-season KOTH either, halves or no.

  • @scaredy-bat

    For consistency-sake, it may be best to have it apply to all game modes. Though, this can be polled during the offseason.

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