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  • My name’s leif - i played amateur s7, scrimmed challenger with phish for a month and got cut the week before the season started, and then found an im team midseason (currently 8-0, on pace to win). for next season, i would like to play in adv or on a nice main team.

    anyone who knows me would agree that i am a very big grinder, i love this game and i love highlander, and i want nothing more to play it and improve with a team who has the same mentality:

    my discord is leif#4773

  • dont let this mans exp fool you

    hes absolutely nuts at pyro and easily a top adv pyro, with a bit more competition in challenger.

    pick him up, or ur throwing… there arent any better options in this div.

  • leif is no doubt one of the most fun people to play with and for certain is a team player when it comes down to it. He’s very vocal and always clear on what issues need to be fixed has helped my team a lot this season and would be glad to see him get another win soon. pick him up!! do not cast the NC 6s grandfinals…

  • actually nuts and his mental is goated

  • goated pyro, 100% worth a shot in advanced. Strong mental and high spy awareness. ggs only

  • This guy is awesome. He is very good with his class and super friendly. Will dominate advanced.

  • if this guy goes triple positive in adv i won’t even be surprised, incredible mechanics and very good mental, if he doesnt play adv i will cry

  • I would also be open to playing med. I haven’t played the class outside of nc on an actual team, but i have done my fair share of healing in lobbies and i’ve had a good time doing it (I feel confident playing main)


  • Cracked wit da hoddamn firegun

  • Every once in a while a new player comes along on tf2center that really really impresses me, Leif is one of those. Fantastic dm for someone so new, excellent coordination, plays for the team not for logs, chill, and great mental and can listen to constructive criticism. I would be very surprised if there were any better pyros better in main, and can probably play high advanced.
    Foolish not give Leif a shot
    He can also play med well, would probably be better than most main/adv meds with a bit of work and demo reviews

  • signed to a 100 billion dollar contract! 1 year !!

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