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  • Looking for devoted and good teammates, I am newer to the scene with only about 2 seasons but I have improved a lot within those two. Team I was on last season got 5th in advanced but would have gotten 1st or 2nd if it wasn’t for a cheater. And last last season I won and top fragged IM.

    here are logs womp (currently not looking for a team unless it’s an invite offer as I’m making my own team womp)




  • solid mid challenger engie
    really committed to improving at engie and genuinely deserving of a good team that wants to improve together

  • good engy very good engy

  • It’s crazy how fast she climbed the ranks. Despite having less experience she has a lot of natural talent and a willingness to learn.

  • she plays in the middle of her bed on a laptop and a book for a mousepad

    she seeks out mge opponents at 2 in the morning

    she sits in the engineer.tf discord screensharing for hours, demo reviewing every engineer that joins the call and every engineer that doesn’t

    she is already better than almost every challenger engineer and won’t admit it

    someday this player is going to be one of the best engineers to have ever laid a finger on this game and if you elect to not pick her up while you have the chance, you are going to watch her win invite someday and think back on how dumb you were

  • goated engi and very dedicated to the game, u will not regret picking her up. :+1:

  • Grows extremely fast, and is very dedicated to learning. Pick them up to have the best engie in challenger.

  • where do i start with this?

    I’ve known June before she even really started comp, I met her in NC! the amount she has grown over that time is insane, i mean seriously, she FRAGS! very smart person, very funny, very good dm 100% a very very good pickup for any team.

    wouldve had 10/10 if she had a toad pfp instead of a raccoon.

  • I have never ever seen an engie so dedicated and improve so much in such a short amount of time. June is definitely a rising star and she brings a lot to the table. She’s already shown that she can pull her weight and then some in advanced. I can’t wait to see what she can do in challenger.

  • goat engi, extremely dedicated and improving at a ludicrous rate. Pick her up now

  • 100% the hardest grinder i’ve ever seen in this game (besides maybe sire). when i played with her she would constantly review demos of invite engis, our scrim stvs, and her own personal demos at like 3 am. In my opinion she is also a very enjoyable person to be in a vc with I like june :D

  • Taught her everything she knows : )

    Seriously though, the improvement has been massive. I’m no big wig like a bunch of the people above me but she’s a steal. Don’t need a scout when you have June.

    IQ wise she’s there, but willing to do a bit of trolling.

    Please pick her up, she’ll lord it over me : )

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