lee LFT Advanced Sniper

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  • Not entirely sure what is going to happen next season but just in case my team dies, I’m looking to move up to advanced soon. Main or sub is fine though I’d prefer to get as much play time as possible. I want to do my best to improve and become better, and my last season in main has been fun and I felt I did well despite everything, so I hope to do even better in the future.

  • Best sniper I have EVER witnessed, let alone played with.
    Good mental
    Even better aim
    its been a pleasure every time i’ve played with them

  • lee is cracked on Sniper and is also dedicated to the grind 💪

  • Incredible player and team leader, focused on improving, and hits shots that would make top adv snipers blush.

    She’s worth the pickup

  • a super chill player
    good dm and great mental.

  • I’ve played with Lee for years now, from the Mechawreck days to the most recent season of highlander. Lee isnt a one trick sniper main whos all aim no brain like many others. Lee has actually provided insight into every game for everyone to improve and is willing to recognize their own mistakes. Their vocabulary exceeds the typical “lol, ??? and lmao” that you find in a lot of hitscan mains around this level. For that reason alone I would recommend rostering Lee but for the additional reasons I had listed I cannot find any reason to not roster them.

  • I do not think lee should play advanced because that means they would be leaving me 😞

  • On top of proving to be one of the best snipers in main this season, lee is a fantastic teammate. Super nice person, always looking to help the team improve, and way more knowledgeable than almost any sniper player outside of inv/chal. Deserves a good home 🙂

  • can merc sniper to mid

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