LFT Main/Advanced Heavy S9

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  • I am currently looking to play as a starter Heavy spot in a Main/Advanced team, preferably as a starter, especially starter. I’ve previously played as a starter Heavy on Mistigris, The, and Cristanc and Friends. I should be able to play for most, if not all, of the scrims/officials.

    Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great rest of your day!


    RGL Highlander Season 6 - Mistigris - Starter Heavy - First Place
    RGL Highlander Season 7 - The - Starter Heavy - Playoffs
    RGL Highlander Season 8 - Cristanc and Friends Comedy Tour - Playoffs

    Logs: https://logs.tf/profile/76561198986534519
    Demos: https://demos.tf/profiles/76561198986534519
    Discord: touca#9145

  • touca is very good at heavy and actually funny! pick him up!

  • Best heavy I have ever had the honor of playing with. The man is funny, as well as being a beast at the class. He is always looking to improve, get this man on a good team!

  • I have loved every single second playing with this man. He has been an extremely dedicated player in the past season I’ve played with him. Please pick this man up, he will be a fine addition to your combo.

  • good pootis taught me how to play pootis but then the main heavy got internet back

    ass sweats whilst beasting

    pick up or you’re making a beeg mistake

  • unironically the most dedicated player to this game ive meet so far, also chill.

  • his name is touca dont wear it out

    pick him up

  • touca has the drive always looking for things to help him improve if you want someone who is out to trying hard pick this guy up

  • played medic for him in pugs and enjoyed. has a good feel for the game although he is not super polished yet. should be a good pick up on a adv team / main team

  • Good gamer, not afraid of asking questions to improve.

  • Touca is a really dedicated player, always asking for tips and demo reviews, and is an incredibly nice guy on top of it all. He’s got no ego, is extremely hard on himself to improve (almost too much, he’s better than he thinks he is) and has every trait as a player needed to rapidly improve and succeed. Would highly recommend picking him up.

  • maintains a solid bmi, pick up the poot

  • VERY UNDERRATED pootis, lots of potential is definitely further than I was with the amount of exp he has, he may be fat but pick him up, mans is gonna go far if he keeps this up ^^

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