LFT? Advanced/Challenger Heavy + Spy

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  • Hey 😄
    I’m not entirely sure what Im doing next season I am just trying to gauge options, down to play in advanced or challenger on either spy or heavy! Looking to learn and meet new people, don’t be afraid to hit me up!
    Discord: BBL#1694

    K thanks for reading ily bbgorl

  • first!

    BBL is a strong gamer! this guy has goated DM, comms and positioning. PICK HIM UP I LOVE THIS DUDE ❤

  • Pick him up for your newcomer team immediately!

    This guy’s been mentoring me for around 6 years now so I think he’s pretty ok

    Acts like a 3, looks like a 10

  • BEAST SPY pick him up if you want to go invite in 2 seconds. also is super hot and maybe sexy .

  • @sire i would prolly kiss BBL for the amount of sniper calls that win me the SVS

  • A few words about BBL. One goated ASS spy
    His Comms are amazing and always knows how to win. Honestly if you don’t pick him up you’re probably not wanting to win any division love him to death and I am willing to die for him. Love you brother ❤ may you get far in life!

  • fucking beast of a spy

  • he top fragged on heavy and he does really well on spy, pick him up

  • BBL spy is one of the best spies I’ve played with. He has amazing comms, you always know exactly where the other team is and what they’re doing. Plus, I watched him frag an entire team in wishbone. He works really hard to not only improve himself but improve the other players on the team and the team as a whole. I’ve really enjoyed playing with him this season.

  • BBL is def a player that has a hard drive his heavy doesnt bait an can be very agro an he has gotten smart with heavy his spy I feel needs a little work but his calls can be good an his dm is consistant

  • seeing bbl go from IM to lft adv/challenger is enough to bring a tear to my eye bro ima start cryin over here…
    They grow up so fast 😭
    Give bbl a good home

  • bbl gaming = beasting
    ^ this theory has been proven true time and time again

  • Solid maincaller that’s experienced on multiple classes, give him some time to get used to the team and he’ll be one of your most valuable members. Pick him up!

  • This man plays the videogame, unfortunately he also plays fortnite. His spy is great, his heavy is aggro, and his monkey is funky.

  • BBL has improved quite a bit from the start of S8, I can’t speak for his heavy since I’ve only ever played against it in pugs, but hes clean on the pootis in my limited experience. His spy was pretty rough at the start of the season and he still has areas to improve upon, but as a whole he is certainly competent enough to play the class. As long as he continues to improve he should be a solid pickup. (my family was not used as leverage to make me write this post)

  • @BBL this guy is literally jesus

  • This man said I was good in bed and I say he has great breathing techniques. Pick this man up or I will go into a corner and fucking cry. #OperationPoontangGangForTheWholegang

  • beast! pick him up or u dont win

  • This man’s farming, pick this ravager if you want those consistent plays. : )

  • He can get into his own head a little too much despite having strong commitment, solid mechanics, and detailed comms – pick him up and make him stop shittalking himself so much :V

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