RGL Highlander s9 Preseason Team Spreadsheet

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  • Hey, for a new project going into the preseason, I’ll try my best to keep track of the teams trying to play this upcoming season. I have made this spreadsheet for a few seasons privately but thought I would open it up for everyone to view.


    If you would like your team listed here or want to update your roster, please contact Constantly#9508 on discord or put it in the forum thread.

    It’s empty at the beginning, but as more teams form, It should start to fill up

    EDIT: No longer updated as of June 6th. Good luck to everyone playing this season!!

  • Ah, the prospect of vistas of beautiful organized information 🙂 Thank you for opening it for the benefit of all!

    I think the Challenger color is missing from the key because it’s newly added?

  • Too many damn Spy mains in this game…

  • Hey, I’m still working on the spreadsheet! Looking to keep the sheet as updated as possible, so let me know of any roster changes or teams not currently listed!

  • Thanks to everyone who has given me all their team info! Honestly, the sheet turned out a lot more filled out and accurate than I expected due to everyone reaching out extremely often. It wouldn’t be nearly as nice looking without y’all.

    With the preseason coming to a close, all updates and support to the team sheet will end on June 6th.
    I hope everyone has a good season 🙂

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