Lft Spy invite season 9

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  • School is gonna be done by the time season starts so i want to start playing and get tryouts late preseason. If i dont have any luck, i might not play or make another team.

  • Great man. Great memories. Pick the man up.

  • I’d really like to play invite and not challenger. If i cant play invite then let me sub or something. I don’t want to be stuck in challenger just like i was in adv before they added it. If im going to play challenger, it should be a team that wins or a team i make that wins. Other than that please give me a chance

  • Bumping this because nobody still seen this thread

  • Theo deserves more recognition than he currently has, anything you thought about him before the dojo you should forget. He’s on a higher level, and he knows what he’s doing. I genuinely believe that he could be the best spy in invite given the chance.

    The man literally got to where he was with 60hz, he just got a 144 so his game play is about to get much better once he can adjust to the new setup. If anything, let Theo try out for your team, and don’t let your ego get the better of you when you don’t want to consider that Theo could be your carry.

  • season ended, tryout me out for the next season!

  • Im gonna start asking around for sub but preferably i’d like to main for invite.

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