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  • Having some fun with my buddies in main this season, but I’m itching to play heavy in invite again. Demo or soldier in advanced as well maybe? Feel free to shoot me offers if you want. Figured I’d try and get an early start on this.

    S9 I played heavy for Yacht Club in invite. You can add me on steam here or message me on discord @ Willy_#9908. Thanks!

  • willy is cool dude and good at heavy 🙂

  • Willy is a fantastic teammate and a wicked Heavy. He can be a bit loud when making his comms from my experience but I always find his comms to be useful and important. He is very easy to work with and can adapt his playstyle to what the team needs.
    One of my absolute favourite heavy players. Give him an invite team please.

  • Willy is a chill heavy player and always a great person to hang with. He will try and improve at whatever it may be. I never met anyone like him and im glad we played together for season 7.

  • one of the best heavies and teammates I’ve ever had the privilege to play with

    Always remained neutral put in a ton of work and I could not have asked for more

    I wish I could play with you again

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  • I’ve played on so many teams with Willy. He’s genuinely fun to be around and is competitive but never in a toxic way. He’s got all the experience in the world to play mid invite+ and still continues to listen and adapt to make his playstyle fit any team. He doesn’t play selfishly and plays to support everyone. Willy is very vocal but plays best with a team that already has a main caller. There’s very few heavies I would put above Willy.

    Pros: Vocal, funny, experienced, nontoxic
    Cons: Italian, drinks coke and milk, looks like this:
    alt text

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  • Probably the best “up and comer” heavy I could think of off the top of my head. I have never played in a team setting with him, but from watching streams and playing pugs with him, I can definitely say that he has very solid calls, and gamesense. He’s definitely worth a tryout for any invite team needing a heavy.

  • Bumping for S11.

  • the best

  • breathtakingly handsome in game and out

  • very experienced, excellent comms, and a complete team player. very fun to play with in general 🙂

  • Willy is what I would consider: “Clean widdit”

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