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  • Hello everyone!

    After taking a short leave of absence from HL, I’m back to play more of the spy_tf2 class for an HL team, challenger division. I was the main spy for Oprah Winfrey Network in Advanced from season 4-7, when we placed second twice.

  • Stardust is a highly underrated spy and one of my favorite teammates of all time. She is very committed to getting better, always getting demo reviews, looking to coordinate with the team, has excellent mental, and pretty consistently gets high impact picks.

    Her comms especially have improved significantly over the past few seasons and she does a great job at coordinating where and when to she can go for a decloak. If you want a spy that consistently performs and is an absolute pleasure to play with, definitely give Stardust a shot.

  • probably nicest teammate ive ever had, as well as being a player that is always improving. people downplay stardust for some reason despite her almost always doing as well as the top 3 spies in advanced every season. good team player that does what you ask and has solid performances

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