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  • This season was rough but I did end up having some good moments with the team, and even though we didn’t do well I did learn a lot and improve a bunch. I would like to continue playing, and am willing to try pretty much any class/role out.

    I’m best at demo>soldier>scout>other combo classes, but would feel pretty comfortable on any of them in challenger. I have good mechanics and I comm a lot 🙂

  • dt has very good dm, a great attitude towards the game, and is willing to put in the work. improved a lot this season and is only gonna get better. beast pickup for challenger

  • great mechanics, super communicative, easy to work with, improves fast, receptive to feedback

    he might just be the perfect teammate

    • excellent dm

    • super dedicated, good attention to detail

    • maincalls and actually pretty solid at it

    • improving like crazy

    as long as he keeps it up, dt is destined for great things

  • top 3 challenger demo this season behind kjr and dz. def a pickup in challenger

  • Consistently rolls me and calls me bad in senate pugs, good dm and gamesense, highly recommend 👍 👍 👍

  • Insane demo and soldier, very easy to work with, would recommend for any team trying to win

  • bump, still lft

  • good player uses brain AND aim, brain is expanding every season

  • bump, also I lost access to my discord so if anybody messaged me in the past ~2 weeks and I have not responded that is why, add me on steam instead.

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