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    With the week before playoffs for Sixes and Highlander arriving, we want to give them the grand entrance that they deserve - and you’re invited! Join us at 8 PM Eastern on Friday, March 19th, and Saturday, March 20th over at our Twitch channel - https://twitch.tv/RGLgg!
    To start, Friday’s pre-party will let us introduce the different departments in RGL, such as Production, Graphics, Video, and Administrative - by showcasing their amazing work and answering your questions in a Q&A! Afterwards, it’s YOUR turn to introduce yourselves! We would love to showcase your amazing work on the stream, including frag videos and casting 6s Discord PUGs featuring players like you!
    Saturday will contain the main event - introducing playoffs! With the most exciting season of 6s we have ever seen, we will feature some of the biggest KomodoHype moments so far! If you’re more of a numbers person, we have a lot of them too! No matter what you’re looking for, all of this will be showcased by the best fraggers and healers you’ve ever seen!

    Anyways, here are the deets:
    When: Friday, Mar 19th & Saturday, Mar 20th from 8 PM to ~1 AM ET both days.
    Where: https://twitch.tv/RGLgg
    To play the PUGs, make sure you check out the pickup-games-setup channel @ rgl.gg/PUGs .
    Submit frag videos or questions in advance to DolphiN#2754.
    See you then!

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