firepow LFT Heavy Season 9

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  • Hi 🙂

    Looking to main for an amateur team next season as my schedule will be opened up.

    Notable Seasons of Experience:
    S8 amateur TAX FRAUD Main Demo - 3rd Place!
    S7 amateur Good Manners (3-4): Multi-class sub
    S8 amateur Team with People in it (3-4): Multi-class sub

  • This man is one dedicated gamer. He WILL show up and be a part of the team.

  • @firepow is a very skilled heavy, definitely has the skill level. Chill and easy guy to talk to. Will listen and does everything that’s asked of him. If you want a very skilled heavy, he will help lead your team to victory.

  • king player

  • firepow is cool pick him up or else

  • Firepow is an amazing guy who raises your team’s mental state immensely. Even if he was a rat glued to a monitor, making movements with a squeak activated keyboard and mouse, he would contribute to winning by boosting your mental

    He’s also very dedicated to improving. I regularly see him in pugs, and when someone points out a mistake, he doesn’t dismiss it like many others do, instead asking what he could have done better in that situation. He has been in the scene for a while and has many connections, so he has resources at his disposal to help himself and others improve

    Absolute king, deserving of a spot!

  • bump character limit

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