firepow LFT Heavy Season 9

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  • Hi 🙂

    Looking to main for an amateur team next season as my schedule will be opened up.

    Notable Seasons of Experience:
    S8 amateur TAX FRAUD Main Demo - 3rd Place!
    S7 amateur Good Manners (3-4): Multi-class sub
    S8 amateur Team with People in it (3-4): Multi-class sub

  • This man is one dedicated gamer. He WILL show up and be a part of the team.

  • @firepow is a very skilled heavy, definitely has the skill level. Chill and easy guy to talk to. Will listen and does everything that’s asked of him. If you want a very skilled heavy, he will help lead your team to victory.

  • king player

  • firepow is cool pick him up or else

  • Firepow is an amazing guy who raises your team’s mental state immensely. Even if he was a rat glued to a monitor, making movements with a squeak activated keyboard and mouse, he would contribute to winning by boosting your mental

    He’s also very dedicated to improving. I regularly see him in pugs, and when someone points out a mistake, he doesn’t dismiss it like many others do, instead asking what he could have done better in that situation. He has been in the scene for a while and has many connections, so he has resources at his disposal to help himself and others improve

    Absolute king, deserving of a spot!

  • bump character limit

  • Firepow is an extremely cool dude who I can not recommend enough. He has a “go-getter” mental attitude and is always looking to improve as an individual and will gladly work to fit into any team. He’s dedicated to reviewing demos and taking notes from higher level players to improve. Like Kev commented, he’s not one to brush off mistakes, but rather he takes them and turns his weaknesses into strengths. You would be making a mistake not picking him up.

  • pick up the pow

  • get him a team on god

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