Harassment in the RGL Community

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  • I left the HL community because of targeted harassment from the inner circle of the elite in HL, especially after taking the bullet and opening up the thread for racism. I specifically called for these players to be punished, but I guarantee it won’t happen, unfortunately.

    I swapped to 6s, hopefully it’ll be a less toxic environment. After my first season, I’m a bit more confident in that regards, but still some bad apples. @rona

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  • It’s sad to see good people being driven out of this community by toxicity and harassment. This opinion has already been voiced in this thread, but it really speak volumes about the scene when consistently problematic players continue to have a platform that enables their behavior. I’m sorry for everything you’ve gone through, and I hope you take care of yourself.

  • @River thanks buddy I’ll file that in the “I don’t give a fuck” cabinet :D

  • This community will always have a problem with harassment as long as people continue to think it’s unsolvable. Speaking up about toxic behaviour works, and telling people what they’re doing isn’t acceptable also works. When you counter harassment and toxicity, You lend confidence to people too afraid to speak up, and push back against the idea that toxic behaviour is something that we should just accept.

    On a personal note, people can be incredibly shitty and I don’t blame anyone for realizing they can’t do it anymore, but it’s sad to think about the people we loose from this issue. I hope whatever hobbies you take up in the future go well for you rona.

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  • @Rene said in Harassment in the RGL Community:

    @rona, I’ll admit I’ve been a piece of shit, and it’s a shame that you’re going out this way, but you could legit play 6’s. It’s way more fun, but it looks like you’re deadset on leaving. I wasn’t involved in all the IRL stuff that people gathered about you. I actually didn’t even know that was going on, but people fed me certain things, and I was a fool for believing some of it. Highlander went to shit a long time ago, and it’ll only get worse due to the moderating. Everything needs to get reformed to save this dying format.

    You’re literally part of the problem. You’ve been harassing my team leader through any means possible. Whether through harassing her on an alt account, harassing her in twitch chat when we were being casted, and even joining our scrims just to harass her in chat. If you could stop “trolling” people, that would be a good first step.

  • @Constantly that was jeffdimento though

  • @Rene said in Harassment in the RGL Community:

    @Constantly that was jeffdimento though

    You mean the alt account you made to harass her, screen shared the whole thing while laughing with your friends about it, and then proceeded to bring up every time you see her? You are part of the problem. Don’t act like you aren’t. Just leave her alone.

    It’s that very “meme” you were trying to do “for fun” that’ll push more players out of Highlander. If you actually believe that people need to reform, then start with yourself, and help us keep players from being pushed out. This will be the last time I’ll comment on the subject though.

    I wanted to bring it up because a fair amount of times, players in this community will look at a thread like this and treat it like someone else’s problem. Self-awareness is key to mitigate the issue of harassment and pushing players out. People who do this “because it’s funny”, “it’s just a meme”, “I’m just joking”, or the infamous “not my fault they don’t have thicker skin” have actually zero awareness on how it affects the person in question.

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  • If you are going to post, please don’t post stuff that you don’t actually mean or is not relevant towards these kinds of threads. I don’t appreciate it nor does anyone else.

    This goes to everyone. Thanks.

  • So I know that you don’t like me, and you have your bias towards me, as I do you, etc etc etc. It bothers me that you borderline bullied the pyro on my team during season 5, got cut, then proceeded to lie multiple times about what happened with that team, and then had your mentor screenshot shit from our team chat because we let mentors have the role and forgot to take his away. If you want to fix the problem, don’t be part of the problem, or at the very least, apologize for what you did in the past. This is not to say that I am against what you are saying. I completely agree, as hypocritical as you may think that is coming from me. Keep in mind that BM and toxicity will always exist in almost every competitive community you enter. Getting rid of it entirely is impossible. Also btw the video hasn’t been taken down because the creator refuses to take it down, even after being asked by the admins. He’s currently banned for this, just in case you weren’t aware, maybe you mentioned something about it in your document, I didn’t read through the entire thing, sorry, I’m lazy.

  • @Jas
    I’ve been meaning to defend my part of this for awhile because people always think ___ happened and I haven’t been able to give my side of the story.
    I wasn’t cut, I left.
    The weekend that I left, it was the weekend in March last year that COVID shut everything down, so I was being sent home from school. I didn’t have a reliable PC at home, and probably wasn’t going to be able to play the weekend. As I remember it, you basically said that if I didn’t play the weekend, you would have Kasper play (since his team had just died) and finish the season if he did well. IDK if you directly said the last part because it was a while ago, but he was better friends w/ everyone on the team, a free agent, and you had a negative attitude towards me so maybe I just assumed it.
    Either way, I showed up to scrims. I tried my best but was on 24 hours-ish of being awake and honestly was in a really shitty mood. Yeah, I was a little harsh but when you’re expect to show up or else you can’t play the weekend/lose your spot, you have to show up.
    I got frustrated because we were playing an 8v9. Our pyro kept going AFK and yeah, it’s frustrating to feel a double standard of ‘why do I have to be here trying if he’s not going to try’. I could’ve approached the situation in a better way but when you’re in such a stressful moment of time, it’s hard to be rational.
    I did apologize for this by having a teammate post something in team chat once I left.
    After the scrim, you yelled at me for being frustrated. The team had an awful mentality week after week, everyone was a little rage baby. You yelled at me, I said Kasper could have the spot, and I left the discord. If you wanna say you cut me, sure, but I left of my own volition.
    I really don’t appreciate you talking about the BM video like that because just recently, you got banned for sharing it. You are part of the problem when you share things like that, don’t just say “Also btw the video hasn’t been taken down because the creator refuses to take it down, even after being asked by the admins,” when you were still actively sharing it at the beginning of the season.
    If anyone still holds issues with me for having a frustrated team environment and cracking under the stress S5, I’m sorry. In general, I apologize to anyone I’ve ever hurt or wronged in this community, whether directly or indirectly.

  • @rona you literally spent the days leading up to scrims complaining about how you didn’t want to play, so we said, “let’s ring kasper then” to which you responded by freaking out thinking we were going to cut you. You left the discord and rejoined twice. You then showed up to scrims, yelled at everyone the whole game, bullied loxic then left. We cut you afterwards.

    to be quite honest, I don’t care anymore, Loxic as far as I know doesn’t care anymore, but I would appreciate it if you would stop being hypocritical

  • @lucki
    I really don’t think I yelled at everyone for the whole game but whatever. I don’t remember joining and leaving before I left for good.
    You didn’t cut me lol. I literally remember being in VC w everyone and you/Jas yelling at me after and then leaving for whatever reason (probably because I was too frustrated to have an adult conversation) and saying something along the lines of ‘you can just give the spot to kasper’ in general or something. it doesn’t matter.
    discussion w another team membere697b11d-c68e-4a2e-b925-a9514cf7ddd0-image.png

  • @rona for anyone to tell you to “take all the punches” has serious problems. It should. not. have. happened. in the first place. Players come here to play a game. Not to get harassed, especially for their gender.

  • Tbh to me this whole Loxic situation seems to me that its just gameplay criticism taken to an extreme. Rona has apologized for how she acted, but at the end of the day it was criticism of gameplay. How is Rona a hypocrite here? This whole thread is about harassment because of factors outside of TF2, when this situation you guys are bringing up is based in TF2? Nice strawman but no cigar. The two situations are separate and tbh and Rona getting upset at some person because he’s not pulling his weight in game isn’t the same as someone saying Rona is bad at the game because “she’s fat”

  • Harrassment will always exist regardless of where you go. It’s like trying to stop crime: there will always be some of it, somewhere in the world. You can try to overcome it, but personally I would recommend just not reacting to it and just take it on the chin. Idk, that’s my 2 cents.

    In TF2 RGL, there’s always someone talking about you. Heck, there’s probably someone talking about me in a team on Discord I’m not even in - such gossip is bound to happen, but if you let it get to you then it’s only going to get worse.

    I don’t want to get into any conclusions until I find out the other side of the story first, so my comment remains neutral for now!

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