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  • Came out of semi-retirement for one season of Townze content on “The Dojo”. Quite enjoyed the game and would like to play for another szn at least.
    Invite or challenger only.
    Relevant exp:

    • S2 Super Handsome Intelligent Team: 3rd Place Advanced
    • S3 Super Handsome Intelligent Team: 1st Place Advanced
    • S4 Squirtyay: 4th place Invite
    • S6 Squirtyay: 3rd Place Invite
    • S8 The Dojo: Townze Killed Me With 0-7/Invite
  • Please pick up hino hes nice with it

  • one of the only spies in the game who does not complain or whine.
    the best player on the dojo s8, easy invite placement level spy.

  • Would be a crime if he had to play in challenger. Better than half the spies in Invite, at least. Phenomenal teammate and player.

  • Really good spy. He won’t tilt or clutter comms. Ridiculously consistent, will always put in a solid performance. He won’t give you maincall-level comms, but he will comm what’s important and helpful information. Very pleasant to play with. I would honestly say Hino was a top 4 spy in invite this season - please consider him for your mid-high invite teams, he’d make a solid addition and is a developed player.

  • Hino is a pleasure to play with. Great coordination, fantastic knowledge of the game, stays calm and wont clutter comms. Deserves a placement team. I hope I get the chance to play with him again.
    Please dont make him play on a low invite team again, he deserves better.

  • Huge spy that’s doesn’t need his team to make any pressure or distractions to get the picks he needs. Criminally underrated.

  • rather sharp individual, has good knowledge of players and uses his knowledge of them to his advantage. beast with the gun as well.

  • a gamer with swagger and a goated mental. also just a good spy.

  • Hino is biggest brain spy and should be picked up

  • I forgot to mention, I only drank alcohol a few times these past weeks instead of every night and match like in season 6… so I PROMISE NOT TO DRINK at all for the next season!

  • Bump, being a sub is also fine by me. No not a type of sandwich, or a position.

  • His hair reminds me of a fish and is the clear best player to come out of Dojo. Good guy 🙂

  • hino was easily the best player on the dojo and a huge nuisance to play against throughout the season. deserved to be on a much better team than he ended up on, and his team’s record does not speak for his skill.

    i had the pleasure of playing with hino for the past 2 weeks and it was clear why he was so good on the dojo. super friendly guy, easily gelled with the laid-back atmosphere on our team and was lots of fun to play with. it felt like every call he made was perfect, and every time we listened and followed through we would completely roll. if i needed a spy for next season, i would pick up hino, no questions asked.

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