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  • hi, i like playing soldier. not sure if i want to main or sub, but i am interested in seeing options.

    i work a full time job that requires me to go on-call sometimes and it is possible that i could be paged for work during a scrim/match, but it hasn’t happened yet and i can usually say ahead of time.

    mid-may i am moving across the country so i can’t play during this time.

    total soldier experience:
    washed penguins - advanced s6 (4-3)
    the dojo - advanced s7 (9-0)
    the dojo - invite s8 (0-7)

  • the most frustrating soldier i had to play against this season

  • rairai is an absolute pleasure to play with. I hope I can play with them again next season.
    They are great at communication and I feel will work great with almost any scout.
    Their bombs are impactful and they do their job well.
    Please pick them up (and me cause I wanna play with them)

  • I enjoyed playing with rai for the past several weeks!
    Good communication and follow-up were my favorite bits to have with rai.
    Will miss him a lot, give him a good home.

  • Like Cutimus and Hino have already mentioned, Rairai was excellent at coordination with his team. I think his best quality as a player is his tendency to make solid judgement calls for playmaking - I couldn’t tell you how many times over the last two seasons he’s salvaged a poor situation to get a clutch pick. He will follow up on your damage, and will work well with any flank player that lets him. Communication wise, rairai is a follow-up player. He typically won’t take the initiative to call an engagement, but if one is called, he won’t ever bait you. He’s easy to get along with, and easy to work with as a teammate. This is exactly what you want from a soldier player: Someone that you can always rely on to have consistent presence and work off his teammates well. I like playing with rairai a lot due to his selflessness and consistency. Would do well in mid invite.

  • Can salvage even the worst of situations. Outstanding playmaker and incredibly easy to work with and coordinate with. Super nice guy too.

  • Excellent teammate and friend
    Good comms | Good desire to play and improve | Good at solderp


  • When I played on a team with rairai two seasons ago he was a solid soldier that was very dedicated to improving and put a lot of focus on communicating with his flank. He’s only gotten better every season he’s played, and I think his performance last season was already that of a capable invite soldier. And on top of all that, rairai is one of the nicest teammates I’ve had the chance to play with throughout my time in tf2. Pick him up!

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