Austin LFT S9 Engineer

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  • Looking to play invite next season.

    Played since S1, 5 seasons of advanced (winning two of them), and a season of invite.

    Had a rocky start into invite but I’m dedicated to learn from my mistakes and I put constant effort into improving.

  • very high impact engineer player

  • Good mechanics and a nice drive to improve. Genuinely loves engineer. Would be a solid pickup for anyone looking to form a young core in invite.

  • Austin is a fantastic engineer who is great at communicating and plays like no other engineer. Never seen an engineer bomb with such success and skill.
    Dont put this man in Adv jail, hes deserves a spot on an Invite team.

  • dudes put a lot of effort in and its shown the past couple seasons. great engie who definitely belongs in invite. make sure he doesnt go for reddit plays every life :^)

  • makes plays, would be a beast on your invite team

  • approved engineer.

  • When I started playing for the dojo in season 7, I was initially a little frustrated with how Austin approached adapting to what was meta and being criticized. Over the last two seasons, however, I was impressed with how he developed his own playstyle and making our team a unique force on payload maps; I’ll definitely be stealing a few strategies he developed in the future! His playstyle has extremely high highs, and he’s definitely an engineer to look out for in the coming seasons. In terms of as a teammate, Austin was very dedicated to his team and would always try to pitch in to help solve issues that don’t even involve him. He’s generally a quiet player (which is, in my experience, preferable for an engineer) but will listen to what his team asks of him. Won’t ever bait you.

    He’s proven that he’s better than challenger, so please don’t make him win a 3rd time. Give him a shot in low-mid invite.

  • always enjoyed playing with Austin, should be picked up in invite or atleast given a few tryouts

  • unchained monster beast that milks his class for everything it’s worth, much better than everyone in challenger and more than invite ready

  • chad engineer

  • good engie player

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