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    Thoughts on FACEIT casual matchmaking coming to tf2? No bots, no random crits, bullet spread etc. I’ve been playtesting for a couple weeks now and it looks promising. I don’t know if they have plans for competitive, I wasn’t around when TF2pl was a thing so I don’t know what happened to that.

    You can join the beta here, which starts in just over a week:

  • @three I did a about 10 matches in the prebeta and imo its pretty bad. The balancing is horrid and having a casual 12v12 setting on a competitive platform like faceit where u get cooldowns for leaving mid way through just doesnt really work imo. Also if they keep party queuing then lobbies are gonna go to shit with high level players queing and domming the server.

  • I did think autobalance was a weird thing to pick out in the marketing material as being on the same level as random crits or aimhacking bots. It’s not implemented all that well, but it’s a useful mechanic in principle.

  • Yeah I’m curious to see what changes they’ll make as it goes on, obviously they’ve received lots of feedback. I agree that balance is very important for this to be viable long-term, and auto balance is a kind of necessary evil that could be reworked to be much less frustrating.

  • i loved the last beta, being able to play 12v12 with no crits or random spread and with players that are better than the average pubber is awesome. it’s easily more fun than ingame competitive and tf2center despite not being 6v6 or 9v9. also stopwatch makes payload SO much better

    edit: please faceit ban the short circuit it detracts from the game and is broken if an engi sits on cart to spam it

  • @hedaeoh updates are coming towards balancing. Also they are implementing other ways for competitive players to queue.

  • IMO, it’s pretty bad. The launcher just is straight up broken a lot, especially in groups. Like it wouldn’t give the IP at all or just not even put me into the lobby. Then there’s the fact that just, it’s comp tf2 with some bullshit of casual. You don’t get the consistency of class limits so the people who wanna tryhard (Which is most of the people on faceit rn) adopt the most unfun strategies. The stack engies, Multiple meds with multiple heavies. It’s just not that fun.

  • @toast Yes, I heard from an admin that 6s is also on its way

  • @KorynSyrup I mean that’s just kinda how it works with tf2, if people want to win they’ll do what’s necessary. That’s always existed in casual. As for the app and joining the server from the button, idk why but it’s like that on any platform, I guess just a steam problem. Often it just opens a steam window saying that the server isn’t responding and you have to paste the connect in console.

  • @three Yeah it does happen in casual but it’s almost always in faceit. It’s just not fun is all and I don’t see why people think it is.

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