LFT S10 Pyro Adv/Challenger

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  • I can’t play S9, so lock in a pyro for S10. Most med drops per minute of any pyro (1). I came third place main like 4 seasons ago. I’m nice at pyro (2).

    (1) https://clips.twitch.tv/FurryDependableFerretTBCheesePull
    (2) Just trust me bro

  • Pick this man up, he’ll make your medic feel safe like a baby in a crib

  • he is poggers

  • Solid pyro, trusted member of the team, driven to improve. Xenagos loves analyzing stats to the point where we have never went into a match blind-sided by the other team. He is a wealth of information when it comes to players and teams in the league, and is very adaptable as a result. I have seen him change his playstyle four to five times within the week to guarantee the win, and to top that off, as a medic player, I feel very safe from even some of the best spies when he’s around. If that’s not enough to give him a shot he’s also extremely consistent, not having missed a SINGLE scrim or match all season. AND he’s not toxic. This man really has it all and deserves to be picked up, give him a tryout.

  • humongous player, quite literally

  • An attentive Pyro who will go out of their way to help teammates out as needed (other than when getting Med drops, of course). Is capable of posting cute animal pictures.

  • He lives near galaxy which might be bad BUT he do drop the med on upward tho, my sources say: pick him up and give his gay ass a piggy back ride he beast!!!

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