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  • Posted this LFT just in case my team disintegrates next season.

    Heyo, I’m Kaleetan and I’m hoping to snipe in high Main next season. I’m pretty new to the scene but I’m always looking to improve, and I’m also hoping to get teammates that have the same drive and motivation to improve as I do. I always review my demos with a mentor, and I’m always aiming to be more consistent in my gameplay and aim. Also an extremely reliable sub if needed since I’m practically available 24/7.

    Hopefully relevant experience:
    5th place S7 Amateur, probably would’ve gotten 3rd place if our players didn’t DC at the last map
    Sniped for Nine Man Sac for 4 weeks IM S8, sniped for 7-0 team Vampire Weekend.

    I can be contacted on Discord with the tag Kaleetan#2921, please make sure you are in the RGL discord server because I decline all friend requests without mutual servers.

  • Kalee is probably one of the fastest improving snipers I’ve seen, he went from a low amateur sniper to being main ready in just 2 seasons! Pick this guy up!!!

    Edit: hes also a huge weeb so that’s probably a bonus

  • straight from the gutter to top IM def main ready

  • professional, definitely main worthy

  • really good sniper who’s def main ready and can adapt to different strategies very well!!

  • stupid weeb sniper but pick him up anyway

  • good sniper, is most definitely main ready and a good pickup, is dedicated to improve and can take criticism. pick him up…

  • Bumping this

  • Cracked wif da scope

  • This post is deleted!
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