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  • cp_signal is an old map that i’ve attempted to get into 6v6 play, except the map sucked not only due to layout flaws, but also due to the fact that my skill as a mapper wasn’t the best back then.

    cp_signal_v2 is a remake of this old map with a completely new mid and improvements to the entire layout.


    mid is enclosed in a building with 3 levels: under, point, and roof. i hope this “wedding cake” like structure makes for some fun and unique gameplay. there also 2 roofs on either side of the point that you can get up to via a rocket/sticky jump or via a prop jump next to it, the prop jump is there so that any class can get on this roof.

    the point is located to the side of the area on a raised platform with a wooden balcony and a truck for cover. the entire area next to the point is very open with 3 entrances: the big open route, the shutter and the balcony.

    entrances into last: a door facing away from the main gameplay space at an 45° angle, a central shutter, and a highground entrance that’s closest to the point going through a small door. the point itself is between the high and low ground with a fence at the front for cover. the entire last is set inside some underground base in the side of a mountain.

    i hope to be able to craft a fun map that most of you will be able to enjoy. any feedback is appreciated!


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