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  • Polarplant

    Polarplant started in June 2019 as a solo endeavor that would serve as the culmination of all my experience working within TF2’s map editor. As the final alpha versions drew near, however, I knew I’d need help in order to get this map looking good. Thanks to the help of Waugh’s excellent artistry, it’s no longer a solo project and we’ve been able to finally give this map the quality makeover it deserves. Mixing inspiration from Gullywash and Metalworks as well as its own creative geometry and ideas, Polarplant is a linear 5CP map that tries to push the boundaries of what is possible within the framework of competitive 6s.

    alt text


    Current Version: B1c
    [TF2Maps Download]

    Thanks to TESTCO.TF for competitive 6s testing. If you’re RGL Main or higher, come join us for either 6s or HL map testing.

    Contact me via Discord at Sirc#1058.

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