Any goods ways to get people on my TF2 server?

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  • I have this TF2 server and I feel like its a good server. No ads, no crits, barely any plugins, and good competitive/fun maps. Not to mention the bot crisis, you’d think people would be joining community servers but the people dont seem to join though despite all that. Is there any way I can promote my TF2 server without sounding like a broken record? Thank you!

  • advertise it amongst your friends, there are always people looking for a simple pub with no extra stuff.

    You don’t need to be extra special in advertising it, just talk about it.

    there’s no system for it on the RGL forums but you could get it listed on tftv on their server tab

  • A community server lives and dies by its community, pretty much. For actual community pub games (i.e., not instant-respawn 24/7 Hightower or whatever) I usually go to the same ~four servers where I know they have moderation policies and some degree of actual enforcement, and out of those four, I usually hit up the two where I know some of the regulars.

    That aside, one of my old community servers had a core group of people who would all agree to get into the server around the same time on a regular basis, and that would help boost the server in the server browser – people are more likely to join servers that already have a certain number of players in them.

  • @Mountain-Man posting it here would be a good start. 🙂

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