Steam profile customization

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  • Curious about what the most frequent of the new steam profile customization choices are, as well as neat combinations.

    Avatar frame:
    Mini Profile:
    Background: (Animated or regular, more interested in animated ones)

    For myself:
    Avatar frame: Bright VR Frame
    Mini profile: Green RaysS
    Background: Web (Animated)
    Theme: Midnight

  • is not goin up

  • I really love space. I wish to go someday, honestly.

    Avatar frame: Aghanim Frame (Animated) Beautiful and subtle. Just the way I like it.
    Mini Profile: NoiseS (Animated) Reminds me of the emptiness of space.
    Background: Galaxy [Purple] (Animated) Reminds me of…space.
    Theme: Midnight Gorgeous color that matches with my background.

  • I don’t really muck with a lot of this customization stuff but I have now unlocked the second custom text box thingy and my power is immense. There will be more words.

  • @Bliztank I was going to ask if you made good use of the text boxes. Then I took the initiative to just check the damn profile. Well played.

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