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  • Hello all,


    I am planning to make an 8 team newcomer tournament. This game is great competitively but suffers from high turnover rate especially in lower divisions. Hopefully this will spark some extra interest in the competitive scene. Details follow below:

    Saturday March 6, 2021. Begins at 8:30 EST. Please try to ensure your team can make this date and time before registering.

    Registration Requirements:
    First come, first serve. The first 8 RGL newcomer teams to post on this thread will be entered. Of course, only one member of each team is required to post here for a spot. Please leave a comment with your individual name and your team name so that I know you and your team are interested. Absolutely no registration fee is required. For anyone that comments after the first 8 teams, do not worry. If a team has to drop out for any reason, the next commented team will be entered. Registration tentatively ends Thursday Mar. 4th at midnight so I can have a good idea of the team lineup and can post said lineup the following day.

    Planned Tournament Setup:
    The 8 teams will compete in a group stage to determine their placement for the elimination stage. While this may not be the most fair group stage, I would like to keep the tournament relatively brief.

    The group stage will consist of 4 matches consisting of one round each. Each round will be played on a single map and will be a first to 5 or whichever team has more wins one by the end of 30 minutes. The map will be determined by me and will be different for every match. All teams will play the same map for every match (i.e. every team will play Process match 1 and Snakewater match 2). Round wins count for two points while round losses deduct one point (e.g. if your team wins a round 5-0, you will have 10 points while if you win 5-3, your team will have 7 points). Team matchups will be mostly generated randomly, but with no repeat matches. This stage is expected to take 2-2.5 hrs. The 4 teams with the highest overall score progress into the elimination stage.

    The elimination stage will consist of 2 matches; semifinals and finals. Team 1 will play team 4 and team 2 will play team 3 in the first match. The winner of the 1-4 match will go on to play the winner of the 2-3 match in winners finals while the losing teams will play each other in a losers finals. Each match will be a best of 3 rounds. The rounds are of identical setup to those in the group stage. The higher-seed team will pick the map played while the lower-seed team will choose the second map. The third map, if played, will be chosen by the lower-seed team. Total expected time of 3 hrs.

    Those not placed in the elimination stage (ranks 5-8) will not have a chance to win a prize. Of those in the elimination stage, each team member of the losing team of the loser finals will be given a craft hat for their class. Each member of the winning team of the loser’s finals will be given a key each. Similarly, the overall second place team will be given 2 keys per member while the overall winning team of the tournament will be given 3 keys per person. Rewards will be given by me preferably to each individual team leader to avoid confusion. If necessary, I will give each team member rewards separately. Rewards will be given out the following day.

    -In order to register, your team MUST be an RGL newcomer team.
    -Ringers can be denied for any reason if the ringer is not registered in RGL newcomer. However, please try to be lenient on those that need ringers.
    -Please arrive to your server on time. If you are 15 mins or more late, your team will forfeit the round and the other team will receive 7 points for that match. Obvious exception is if the team is running late due to playing a previous match.

    Hopefully there is enough interest to make this tournament happen. Again, there is absolutely no monetary cost to enter the tournament. Depending on the success of this tournament, I would be willing to host more in the future. Add me on steam here if you have any further questions or comments.

    Registered Teams:
    -Blitz Right Back
    -Brains with Abs
    -rn’s team

  • You might want to say up front that it’s a sixes tournament, if that’s the case – I only figured when I read all the way down into the paragraph about the group stage!

  • @scaredy-bat said in Newcomer Mini Tournament:

    ournament, if that’s the case – I only figured when I read all the way down into the paragraph about the group stage!

    my mistake, will change

  • Hey how do I register do I just comment here

  • @BIG-bad-boat-BOY

    yep, go ahead and give me your team name as well and you will be all set. feel free to invite other teams as well.

  • team leader:

    team name: Blitz Right Back

  • @uzaki
    you’re in

  • @rn
    you’re in

  • our team is swag

  • Update: As I find it unlikely 4 more teams will register before tomorrow night, I am prematurely ending registration. However, the teams signed up for the tournament will still be able to play with a slightly modified schedule; each team will play only three qualifiers to determine their seeds in the elimination stage. This will result in a slightly shorter tournament by about 30 minutes. The qualifying stage will go as follows:

    Round 1: Team 1 v 2, Team 3 v 4
    Round 2: Team 1 v 3, Team 2 v 4
    Round 3: Team 1 v 4, Team 2 v 3

    -Team 1=Blitz Right Back
    -Team 2=Brains with abs
    -Team 3=rn’s team
    -Team 4=swag

    The good news is that everyone signed up for the event will win some prizes, as outlined above. No changes to the playoff stage will be made.

  • This post is deleted!
  • How did this go?

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