What are the best points on payload maps in Highlander?

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  • Essentially title, if you were to make the perfect payload map for HL, what points would you take from what maps, and how many points would you use? Any PL map counts, not just those currently in rotation/have been played competitively (but the point is to make a map for competitive HL)

  • five points (funny voltron number, with their powers combined etc)

    1. vigil first
    2. vigil second
    3. upward third
    4. swiftwater fourth
    5. upward last
  • Barnblitz 1st. I like firsts that can be held.
    Vigil 2nd A second that isn’t completely sniper dominated with the inclusion of Side Tunnel.
    Swiftwater 3rd: Tight chokepoint with a lot of flank options which is cool. Mayhem ensues on this point.
    Sunnycoast 4th (the last): Personally, I only played Sunnycoast once in pugs, but I really think it’s a good last with many options to coordinate. I think the community should tryout Sunnycoast more in an experimental map cup.

    Overall I like points that can be held but the offense has options to push from unlike Swiftwater 2nd.

    This is the best thread I’ve seen in a while.

  • combining different points from different maps is kinda inherently flawed because of how transitions work but i’ll bite because it’s a fun thought exercise

    borneo 1st (specifically the house allowing for box gun)
    millstone 2nd (dropdown ubers are cool)
    upward 3rd (great, solid points)
    rushingriver_a19 4th (zoomers mad)
    swift last (only good pl last)

  • Upward 1st > Vigil 1st > Borneo 1st > Swiftwater 1st > Barnblitz 1st

    Upward is pretty much the gold standard of first points, a point which can be exchanged on but isn’t a super strong hold either once ubers are out. Other maps (Vigil, Borneo, Swift) essentially have throwaway firsts, though you will see the exchange sometimes on borneo 1st, and others (Barnblitz) force the cart through a tight choke that can be painful to dislodge

    Vigil 2nd > Swiftwater 2nd > Upward 2nd > Borneo 2nd > Barnblitz 2nd

    Vigil is great because there are options and based on what picks you have there are multiple viable pushes (hill, side tunnel, 9 man main tunnel). Swiftwater has options too, but RED has a massive height advantage for 2 of 3 viable pushes so it’s not as good. Upward doesn’t have options but it’s saved from being a brick wall by the fact that it’s actually not that hard to push. Borneo and Barnblitz 2nd, well, suck. All points are holdable; Vigil, Swiftwater, and Upward are the most balanced here in that order.

    Upward 3rd > Vigil 3rd > Swiftwater 3rd > Barnblitz 3rd > Borneo 3rd

    Upward 3rd, once again, has options. It has good spam angles, good sightlines, and flanks that put you in the heart of the RED team, but is also very holdable for a team that knows what they’re doing. Vigil 3rd also has options but the hill for the cart can suck sometimes

    Doctor: Swiftwater 4th isn’t real, it can’t hurt you

    Swiftwater Last > Vigil Last > Upward Last > Borneo Last > Barnblitz Last

    Swiftwater is the gold standard of last points imo. It’s super defendable for a team that holds their ground well, but they can also be overwhelmed in the best of positions by superior dm and coordination. Vigil is a close 2nd; its last overall is designed excellently, but it’s hurt majorly by how close the spawn exit is to the cap; it’s too easy to reestablish a hold even after being near-wiped as red. Upward, Borneo, and Barnblitz last are all shitshows in every sense of the word.

  • @Alto I think it’s more of a thought experiment in which points are good than in which points would go well combined

  • Upward third? You sadist…

  • Payload maps that are actually played because my last one was cringe.

    • Upward 1st

    • Vigil 2nd

    • Upward 3rd

    • Vigil last

    Fuck Swiftwater

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