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  • deadass as djenn said, nul one day came into our mumble and has been to every review we had after week 3 (consider he wasn’t on our team yet) and broke down and helped out our medic ava along with outside perspectives on how to improve as a team.

    nul has the dedication and drive to become a crazy medic with the right team, I appreciated him being our outside perspective and a good friend!

    give mans a chance!


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  • had a hella ton of fun playing demoman this season! Would like to expand my knowledge.

    I can make anything and love to learn everything!

    I’m very good at taking criticism too!

    also understand I’ll be the worse player on the team but ya boy tryna prove himself no lie

    contact info

    steam -

    discord - je’mond#0007

    thank you for reading!

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  • is dedicated and will listen to criticism. Id recommend him if you’re looking for a sniper to grow and improve with the team.

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  • When I first met the guy he used to have a huge ego and and I rarely ever saw the guy be able to back up his talk.

    About 2 years later the guy has mellowed out a lot and seems to be incredibly passionate about his gameplay/theory crafting for demo something you don’t really see a lot from certain people who play demos.

    I remember when people would constantly shit talk this man only to see him making his money moves in invite those same two years later.

    proud of the change, can’t wait to see the next money moves.

    get mans on a team.

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  • potentially looking to play HL seriously on demo if my schedule cleans up.

    Have been enjoying the gamemode again hella recently and think stepping more into HL could go absolutely crazy.

    Discord: je’mond#0007

    I can main call confidently if nobody else steps up.


    Season 25 NA STEEL UGC - Burnt Toast (4th)
    ETF2L Season 16 The Guild (1st)
    HL S9 - M.I.L.F
    Sixes S3 RGL IM - MF_RAT fanclub
    Sixes S4 RGL Div2 - Big Melanin Gaming
    Sixes S5 RGL Main - Sea Shanty 2 (4th)
    Sixes S6 RGL Advanced - Los Angeles Anglerfish (third of the season)

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  • i think i got three HL medals for season 6, between generating the massive list of steam ids and the whole distribution process this kinda thing just happens sometimes

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  • yogrrt brings the yogHURT

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